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Post by Rotorblade » Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:18 am

IBNET player rules! Its awesome to see some great formation flying in FS9!
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Post by lqcorsa » Tue Sep 12, 2006 10:43 am

Real Airshows in Real Places eh? The Virtual Thunderbirds and Blue Angels, and all the LOMAC teams including mine come as close as it gets to real for military jets if you ask me, and the Crimean Peninsula is a real place! I was flying in a F-14 the other day in FS and bank and yanked hard on the stick, and pulled at least 10 g's for a while, I have yet to see a FS plane with pretty accurate markings of the real thing, and graphics, and multiplayer sounds as well as much more. Getting back on topic though, yeah I'd like to see some great close flying in FS, I'd just feel bad that they are limited. This Italian team were discussing here, give them a year or so of practice, and they could be your next VFTC or something! Formations in FS are much harder, so I give anybody in FS doing what I saw in that video tons of props, good job Pony2.
Lawndart wrote:With where the VBA team is right now I think they would hope to get 4 hours in a week.
I'll let you and Kato discuss what he meant.
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Post by PONY2 » Wed Sep 13, 2006 11:46 am

Lawndart wrote:
PONY2 wrote:By the way i'd like to know how a team as you are, can be so stable and so skilled with a new formation every year.... How many times you do practicing?
It's not 4 hours a day. If anyone says that they spend that much time airborne each day, they are blowing sunshine up your rear...

For continuity sake, you have to practice a full blown show profile about three times per week to be proficient. Twice a week will sustain the knowledge and skill. Once a week and you're banking more on talent than the precise execution of a script (a.k.a profile).

We average about 2-3 practice opportunities per week, each consisting of 1-2 sorties about an hour each. So, that's about 4-6 hours of team practice per week. ........................................................

To answer how we can fly so stable... Practice, practice, practice and then we typically do a full on debrief after each .........................
Tank you for the explanation, but i see that we are doing the same thinghs here, with the only difference that maybe in Italy it's a little bit hardiest to find new pilots so detemined every time we needs, because we look for only Italian people with the possibility to travel in the Country with not too much problems. This 'cause we do what we do to engage live presentations, where people can see us fly togheter with our 10-11 computers and talk directly to us. However i agree with you when you say that the only real key is PRACTICE PRACTICE and more PRACTICE.
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Post by Rhino » Wed Sep 13, 2006 12:06 pm

It definitely must be easier to deal with lag (or lack there of) if you are all on a LAN for your public shows. That, and, it is a lot easier to go around Italy from north to south than it is to get across country in the US. I can't wait to get a chance to go back to the mother country and my roots!
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Lawndart Quote?

Post by Fury » Sat Sep 16, 2006 7:40 pm

Lawndart wrote:With where the VBA team is right now I think they would hope to get 4 hours in a week.
I'll let you and Kato discuss what he meant.

That was STRIKER's quote not Lawndart's.(STRIKER is probably offended :) )But kidding aside, what does it really matter? Look at the video and make a wild guess. It's fair to say that to fly tight, consistently, the team needs lots of practice, leardership, a great attitude, passion and dedication.
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