Corsair H50 vs. ZALMAN CNPS9900A Cooler

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Corsair H50 vs. ZALMAN CNPS9900A Cooler

Post by Lawndart » Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:19 am

Just replaced my ZALMAN CPU cooler with a Corsair H50 self-contained liquid cooler (same as Teej's), and so far I'm seeing core temps in the mid-50s/low-60s under 100% load using all threads and maximum stress/burn/torture tests. That's a significant drop from the air cooler under load! (I'm also seeing the CPU-, sys-, and core- temps with about a ~5C drop just sitting at idle).

The installation wasn't difficult (but having been awake for 24+ hours made it harder than it should've been, especially since I needed to pull the mobo to fasten the retention bracket on the back of the mobo even though it has a cut-out on the back to avoid just that... I still needed ~3mm more space to fit a small screw driver).

Time to crank up the OC... 8)
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