New CPUs Coming 2012 & 2013

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New CPUs Coming 2012 & 2013

Post by Lawndart » Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:26 pm

The Sandy Bridge processors will soon be replaced with the Ivy Bridge, LGA2011 socket X79 mobos and... 22nm tri-gate transistor technology.

Then, in 2013, rumor has it the next-next new CPU design, code-named Haswell, should give the x86 architecture some real umph!

I think for anyone building a new rig sometime next year and into 2013, it'll be a great time with a plethora of high-end gear as the Sandy Bridge lineup will likely become the new mid-range/budget pricing, while the i7 900-series/X58 mobos go on fire sale. If harddrives and memory keep plummeting in price as they have been, we could have great performance on PCs all the way from cheap budget builds to hardcore benchmarkers and overclockers using the latest and greatest gear.

I'm already looking forward to the Ivy Bridge. :P

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