[2019-10-20] Virtual Thunderbirds - Live at VAN 2019

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[2019-10-20] Virtual Thunderbirds - Live at VAN 2019

Post by Lawndart » Thu Jan 02, 2020 2:09 pm

Virtual Aviation Nation (VAN) air show was a two day event held on October 19 and 20, 2019. This event was special as day one was a fly-in where all performers joined the same server and arrived at the show site together. Over sixty pilots from all over the world participated. The Virtual Thunderbirds were the first team to appear over the site, followed by the Virtual Red Arrows, then the Virtual Blue Angels. The remainder of the teams arrived for landing as the VTB, VRA, VBA "Megazord" made two more 21-ship formation passes over Nellis AFB. This was a historic event never before attempted in Virtual Airshows. It required months of planning, but it ended up going off without a hitch. It was an amazing experience.

Later that day, a portion of the teams performed their demonstrations. The Virtual Thunderbirds headlined the show by closing it out Sunday afternoon. This video is an edited version of the fly-in event, and our entire show as it was streamed live.

This is not an animation, these are human pilots flying in virtual reality headsets, in home built simulator cockpits, using DCS World by Eagle Dynamics and performing live from their homes in North America.
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