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[2019-08-17] Video Release: VARS 2019 Summer Showdown Opener

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 11:37 pm
by Lawndart

The Virtual Thunderbirds were invited to perform live at the August 3rd, 2019 Summer Showdown. The event, a virtual air race, was held by VARS (The Virtual Air Racing Series). We were honored to participate and were excited to help in merging two flight simulation genres - air racing and air shows. Although some of the pre-show footage is taken from various practices prior to the event, most of what you see was how the team operated that day. This video peeks a little behind the curtain, displaying the procedures we use on every flight. For brevity, the startup and airborne portions enroute to Creech AFB were truncated. Once the team approaches Mt. Charleston, however, all of the flying is exactly as it was performed that day with no substitutions or adjustments to timing of any kind. This is not an animation, these are human pilots flying DCS World by Eagle Dynamics and performing live from their homes in North America.