[2019-08-03] New Virtual Thunderbird Selected - Bingo

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[2019-08-03] New Virtual Thunderbird Selected - Bingo

Post by Arrow » Sun Aug 04, 2019 3:46 am

The Virtual Thunderbirds are pleased to announce the "patching" of our newest member. He has been a well known participant on the virtual airshow scene for over a decade. He is mostly known for his tenure as the founding member and leader of the Virtual Black Diamond Jet Team (VBDJT) but has been an important part of the behind the scenes development of many other virtual airshow teams throughout the years. He has effectively been a functional member of our team since September of 2018 when he began his training as our unofficial camera operator & live streamer. His official candidacy and flight training as a VTB pilot began in the winter of 2018 and after eight months of intense and very focused training, he has earned his way on to the team. He earned his place in a way that few ever have before - he sweated blood to get here, we pushed him harder than we have pushed any other candidate and held him to an even higher standard. He is one of the most natural pilots we've seen and we're excited to see how he develops and how his talent will benefit the team as time moves on. Most of you know him as Viper, but to us, he is Bingo.

So, please join me in welcoming Brandon "Bingo" Walker to the Virtual Thunderbirds.

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