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[2018-12-21] Video Release: 2018 - Virtual vs. Reality

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:29 am
by Lawndart

You are watching a side by side video with a simulation on the left and a real life video on the right. If you are listening in stereo, the audio, like the images is split left and right. The Virtual Thunderbirds (VTB) do strive to mimic the USAF Thunderbirds aerial demonstration in every way possible. The VTB performance was flown live in the presence of many hundreds of internet viewers on Twitch while the USAF TB is always flown in front of many tens of thousands. The VTB simulation is unedited and appears exactly as it was flown at VFAT while the USAF TB is edited by a second or two in order to keep the maneuvers synchronized. Every show does vary by a few seconds and the VTB will always strive to keep the show timed to match the real team. We hope you enjoy this comparison, we'll continue to improve our display, and as always, we thank you for watching!

Credit to: | for the real world footage.
Simulator: DCS World by Eagle Dynamics |
Virtual Thunderbirds, LLC are sponsored by Thrustmaster |