[2015-12-10] Official Statement by The Virtual Thunderbirds

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[2015-12-10] Official Statement by The Virtual Thunderbirds

Post by Lawndart » Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:46 pm

To Our Friends, Fans and Followers,

There has been some confusion in and around the community regarding our organization The Virtual Thunderbirds, and its name. While we haven't been in the public eye much recently, we have continued to produce content, and we continue to pursue the objective of faithfully replicating the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron - Thunderbirds show. In the past, other groups have made their own efforts to replicate the Thunderbirds demo and there's nothing wrong with that. The situation has changed; there is currently another group that wants to do the same thing while also using our name to do so. We are not pleased about the confusion this has presented and we are obligated to issue the following statement:

They are not us. They did not ask for and do not have our consent to use the Virtual Thunderbirds name.

This new team has made three claims in particular so far - "We're Back!", That they are the continuation of "The Virtual Thunderbirds", and that we have abandoned the name. None of these assertions are true. They are deceitful attempts to capitalize on the name recognition and achievements of The Virtual Thunderbirds, carried out by members of other virtual aerobatic teams, including remnants of the Flight Simulator Thunderbirds who are attempting to rebrand themselves as us.

We have made multiple attempts to resolve the matter amicably, without success. We appreciate the continued support of our fan base while we do business as usual, resume flight ops, and remain loyal to our contractual obligations to our partners.

Official demonstration, media, information, anything pertaining to "The Virtual Thunderbirds" can be found online at these links:


We have a number of announcements to make in the coming weeks so stay tuned to our official media outlets!
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