[2020-08-09] Virtual Thunderbirds - Live at VBB 2020

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[2020-08-09] Virtual Thunderbirds - Live at VBB 2020

Post by Lawndart » Sat Aug 15, 2020 12:18 pm

The Virtual Thunderbirds were invited to fly live at Virtual Beach Blast 2020 on August 9th, 2020. This event included demonstrations by 18 teams and solo performers from around the world. This performance was special to us for two main reasons: Our friend Redeye returned to flying the Slot position, and; the stream was produced using 4 PCs. This allowed our streamer to incorporate three camera angles, split screens, and real time overlay graphics. This first-of-its-kind "four box stream" format was produced by Ryan "Moto" Spain, from the Virtual Vultures Jet Team.

Regarding our performance itself... As the team prepared to enter the aerobatic box for our opening pass, our #5 pilot experienced a software failure. The rest of the Delta aborted the maneuver and held for 8 minutes while #5 "went to the spare”. This has been edited out of the presentation and is the only alteration to the flying as it appeared live that day. This section, however, has been preserved and is presented at the end of the video for the curious.

This is not an animation, these are human pilots flying in virtual reality headsets, in home built simulator cockpits, using DCS World by Eagle Dynamics and performing live from their homes in North America.
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